Photo-Realistic Graphics

Explore the body farm's rich and immersive environment, and a terrifying parallel world inspired by the likes of H.R. Giger and Beksinski.

Inventory System

Search for key game items to help your progress, pick them up and use them from your inventory.

Physical Items

In-game objects that can be picked up and carried around the world to help in solving puzzles.

Sanity Meter

Your sanity is the key to survival. Paranormal events will hinder your progress throughout the game, keep yourself sane and away from losing your mind!

Limited Light Sources

You will find limited light sources to navigate the environment, your light sources could potentially run out so use them wisely.

Dual Wielding

Holding and using two items at once allows you to strategize the complimentary usage of the tools in order to solve a situational problem.

Procedurally Generated Events

Varying sequences of irregular paranormal events, in addition to randomly located pick-up items that appear in different spots at each game level restart.

Decision Making

The decisions you make in the game will impact your storyline and outcome. Are you going to follow the system or rebel against it? Choose wisely!